Something Old

You know the saying: Something old, something new etc etc. The emphasis here though is on the old, and there’s something utterly charming about a vintage wedding theme. And whilst you’re at it why not incorporate some family history: Get the family photo albums out and show off love through the ages.

Confetti With A Bang

Can you really trust your guests with an underarm throw of some dainty petals or do you want to leave the church with a bang? Well if the latter sounds more appealing, then push-pop confetti is for you!

Wheel Of Fortune

Wow… just wow. How fun would this be to have at your wedding? The answer is ridiculous fun. If you can’t have it at the wedding, have it at the hen party. Either way, make it happen!

Why You Should Never Skip On Having a Hen Party

To me, it’s a no brainer. Hen parties are hella fun. But I’m hearing more and more cases of people who are opting to forego the hen party as they don’t want to cause their friends too much bother. 1st question, do you think the groom is thinking the same? Short answer: no. Not to…