My Two Cents

Every married couple you meet on your journey will be keen to pass on a little bit of advice to you, to help you get the most from your day. I’m sure you’ve heard the words ‘it flies by’, ‘don’t drink too much’, ‘try and speak to everyone’ or ‘make sure you eat’ countless times, I know I did.

Every last bit of advice is, of course, invaluable and it’s wonderful that so many people want to share in your day and help you to remember it whichever way you can.

But the best piece of advice I received before the wedding?

Well it came from a man who I barely know but a man who has the ability to inspire with his words. He is a psychotherapist, so more than qualified to know what makes us tick and it’s in my capacity as a journalist that I came to meet John Halker.

I work as a producer at BBC Radio Guernsey and on one of John’s many visits to the station (he is a regular contributor to the mid-morning show) he stopped me before leaving the building to give me this gem (in so many words).

‘The secret to remembering your day is to take it all in. I want you to sit down and close your eyes, just for a moment, and when you do I want you to listen to your wedding. I want you to listen to the familiar voices around you, your family and friends laughing and chatting and I want you to take it all in and truly appreciate being in the moment. That, I guarantee you, you will not forget.’

And he’s right, I didn’t forget it.

So, just close your eyes and take it all in, oh and get yourself a new ‘wedding perfume’, every time you spritz it after the wedding your mind will start wondering back to that glorious day!

F x


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