Just got engaged? Looking to make a scrap book of ideas? Put the scissors and sticky tape down now. Wedding scrap books have a new face, and it’s red. Glue covered fingers are a thing of the past because now there’s Pinterest.

Now let me tell you about Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a virtual pin board for all things beautiful. Whether its recipes, fashion, travel or interior design, Pinterest has become a virtual platform for ‘show offs’ and although you may reel in jealousy at the images you see, there’s huge benefit from just seeing ‘what’s out there’.

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media site in the world and with eighty percent of its users female, there’s no wonder the site is littered with wedding inspiration.

So for those of you who’ve finally got him to ‘put a ring on it’ it’s time to enter the fantasy world that is Pinterest. Now there’s no point hanging around, jump straight in, and revel in the luxury that is a Pinterest wedding.

With a whole category devoted to the art of getting hitched, you’re never short of ideas to copy. There’s dress inspiration, ideas for your table decor, bridesmaid dresses, hair styles, make up ideas, DIY crafts and even helpful guides to table plans, etiquette and wedding disasters. Pinterest really does have it all.

A simple search will get you a raft of images, each one more beautiful than the next.

Beware though, not only does Pinterest instill a false sense of wedded bliss (yes it’s highly unlikely you can afford half the ideas you’ve now discovered) but if you’ve ever searched the hash tag ‘Pinterest Fails’ you’ll know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Pinterest was the making and undoing of my wedding planning. It gave me the tools to plan a beautiful day, seek out ideas, chose themes and craft ideas but it also left me longing for a fairy tale wedding with a hundred white doves, thousands of glowing lanterns and brilliant sunshine and in Guernsey, we all know, that’s a wish you can only hope will come be granted.

Happy pinning. F x




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