Break The Mould

One of the oldest wedding traditions is the cutting of the cake.

The tradition of a wedding cake actually dates back to Roman Times when the custom was for the groom to break the cake over the brides head to symbolize the end of the bride’s virginal state and to ensure fertility. Bearing in mind that the Roman’s used freshly baked bread, not cake as we know it now. I certainly would be less than impressed if my husband dumped cake on my head.

Despite the tiered wedding cake having a long rooted tradition, I’m here to let you know you can always add your own modern twist and there’s certainly plenty of options around.

If you’re a cheese lover you can have the best of both worlds; the traditional tiers of a wedding cake and nine different cheeses to feast on. Wedding cheese cakes are available in Guernsey and are made from Guernsey cows’ and goats’ milk, some of the nine cheeses that your guests will devour have won international awards.


Do you love Oreos? Well why not have a wedding cake made solely from the little black delights?


Or if Macaroons are more your thing, why not pile them up and go for an elegant pyramid.


If your life screams colour and you want your wedding to reflect your bright personality then why not add sprinkles, and lots of them. Cakes coated in colourful sprinkles, I can guarantee, will not go unnoticed.




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