Waste Not Want Not

Now this is some serious planning ahead, but have you thought about what you are going to do with your bouquet after you’ve tied the knot?

Well this week I have the perfect idea for you.

However I’d like to start by telling you a cautionary tale.

I decided that I wanted to have my bouquet pressed after the wedding, but I can tell you now the day after your wedding is no time to get crafty, not only are you hungover (well in my case I was) but you also want to revel in the happiness and memories you have just created.

We spent the day with family and friends who had traveled to the island and there was simply no time to press flowers.

Then the next day comes and with that honeymoon planning, packing and excitement and before you know it the weeks have gone by and your flowers have died. Or like me, you leave it in your mums hands only for her to produce a squished brown mouldy muck on your return from your honeymoon.

So save the bother and create this masterpiece, or get someone else to do it while your away…




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