Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word….

That is until you have to say goodbye. Sorry Elton but I think you are wrong, saying ‘goodbye’ to loved ones is much, much worse!

Today, my husband and I moved to London from Guernsey for a new challenge in the Big Smoke. I’ve been hugely fortunate to have lived in Guernsey my whole life, bar university. It’s a stunning little island with gorgeous beaches, beautiful sunsets and a simplistic way of life. Leaving behind a British paradise is merely a stepping stone in the grander path of life.

However having to say ‘farewell’ to my incredible family and my thoughtful and fun friends is nothing short of heartbreaking, the whole flight over was spent in tears, that is, as much as you can cry when you’re so dehydrated from partying hard with all those close to you the night before!

I’m sure many of you will encounter the same as you start your journey as a married couple, and thank the heavens for Skype!

Fae x

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