Why You Should Never Skip On Having a Hen Party

To me, it’s a no brainer. Hen parties are hella fun. But I’m hearing more and more cases of people who are opting to forego the hen party as they don’t want to cause their friends too much bother.

1st question, do you think the groom is thinking the same? Short answer: no.

Not to go all bridezilla on you, but this is your chance to be a bit selfish. How many hen parties will you attend in the coming months and years? The answer is dozens, and yes they can get expensive, and yes they take up holiday, but you always come away with the most incredible memories, even if it’s not your hen party.

And besides, what is there not to love about being surrounded by your best friends?

I felt like a princess on my hen party. My friends made such an incredible effort to organise activities, accommodation, even snacks that they knew I would love. I had friends travel from all over. One even spent hours on a bus travelling from Finland. If that’s not enough to feel loved, I’m not sure what more you need.

And why shouldn’t you feel loved? You are planning a wedding, it’s not easy, it’s not cheap and it’s a momentous occasion, you are waving goodbye to single life. It deserves marking. So do it, indulge, enjoy and keep the pictures off facebook!


If you’ve already decided that a hen party is a must, here are some cracking ideas of what to do:

1. European city break

2. Farmhouse/chalet break

3. Las Vegas

4. Activity holiday

5. Glamping

6. Day at the races

7. Boat party

8. Wine tour

9. Life drawing class

10. Explore an abandoned mine

11. Bike tour

12. Murder mystery

13. Private chef experience

14. Yoga break

15. Skiing holiday

PS. I have the BEST idea for a hen party but won’t be revealing it on here, just in case the lucky recipient of said hen do reads this. So if you want to know, drop me a message.


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