5 Pieces Of Wedding Advice You Need To Ignore

1. Try On Dresses That You Would Never Pick. 

Why? Why would you spend a fortune on a dress that isn’t your style? In years to come if it’s not YOU, you won’t like it!

2. An Updo Is A Must.

Again, if it’s not you, why do it? If when you go out, your hair is always down and curly, you should probably get a really good down and curly hairdo. If it’s always half up, half down… you should probably tart that up a wee bit.

3. You Need To Have At Least 3 Bridesmaids. 

These are the girls who will be standing by your side on the biggest day of your life, if you only have one best friend, then why should two randoms be there too. Go with what works best for you. Don’t ask someone for the sake of making up numbers. They will know.

4. You Have To Have A Free Bar. 

Do you know what a free bar means? Lots of drunk people. I think you should provide champers for the toast and maybe wine on the table if you can afford it, but no one should expect a free bar.

5. You Have To Invite The Whole Family.

Ah, now this one is the root of many an argument. But, at the end of the day, it’s your wedding. If you are willing to handle the potential fall out and it’s the right decision for you. You shouldn’t ‘have’ to do anything.



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