My What Beautiful Brows You Have

I can bet those are the words most women would love to hear uttered!

Thick brows have become a huge trend of late, and if like me you’re a victim of overplucking, it’s a trend that fills me with dread.

I’ve tried every product under the sun to get those puppies to grow, but to no avail.

So I resorted to a lengthy morning routine which involved powder, Wunderbrow, pencil AND brow mascara, let’s not even talk about what happened when I went swimming…

BUT there is a silver lining over this dark hairless cloud.

I was lucky enough to meet Tahira Wells, an incredibly talented beautician, who not only single-handedly runs her own business, but she runs a school teaching others her trade too. She’s a modern day superwoman!

With the help of Tahira, I’ve transformed not only my face but my morning routine too and I think this is something all brides-to-be NEED to know about, so that when the big day dawns you’re not panicking over scouse brow dramas.

Tahira used a new technique to tattoo on my eyebrows with such precision  and accuracy that it’s now been a week and no one has noticed that I’ve had my eyebrows ‘done’ they look so natural.

Tahira used a Nano-Needle, which is a tiny flexible needle, to tattoo hair strokes onto my skin, this technique means the semi-permanent tattoo lasts longer and she can be much more precise.

I’m not going to pretend like the procedure didn’t hurt, it did, but it’s certainly not the worst pain I’ve experienced and Tahira was patient throughout, checking I was OK and making sure I was happy with what she was doing at every moment. There was no chance I was walking out of there with brows I wasn’t perfectly happy with.

So drum roll…. what do they look like.

Here’s a before and after shot to show the amazing work Tahira has done.


I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Tahira ahead of your wedding so there’s no chance you sweat, wipe or smear your eyebrows off on the biggest day of your life. Oh and you’ll be safe in the knowledge your brows look insane!


You can find Tahira here at very reasonable prices, oh and did I mention she’s an award winner!!!:









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